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See the Best Android Smartphone Camera Technology, OIS or EIS - Today's mobile phones have transformed very significantly, now all humans are familiar with the term smartphone. Until today, Smartphones have become an inseparable lifestyle. Every day people all over the world use their smartphones for various functions. From just an ordinary communication tool, work, to become an entertainment tool on the sidelines of spare time.

By classification, smartphones are now developing with various operating systems (OS), including using the Android operating system. Still with an open source-based system, it has now become one of the popular operating systems embedded in smartphones worldwide.

OIS or EIS Android Smartphone

The World of Photography and Android Smartphones

And now through the eyes of the smartphone lens, business competition has started again with a new chapter. In the world of technology, the competition for Android smartphones is getting hotter because it goes hand in hand with the emergence of the diversity of features offered. One of the features that are considered is the camera feature.

As if to become a magnet for consumers, now vendors are competing with each other to offer the sophistication of camera technology in a smartphone. With various price ranges, this will be directly proportional to the advantages and sophistication of the camera features in the smartphone. This comparison is offered with the emergence of camera features with various resolutions, ranging from low-resolution cameras to high quality.


Knowing OIS, EIS in Smartphone Cameras

To get maximum results, you need the best technology, one of which is technology that supports image stabilization. Starting from camera resolution, lens and camera software, everything is interconnected to get the best image results. For you photography lovers, you must be familiar with the terms OIS and EIS. In the performance of a camera, this term is very familiar and attached. Although it does not directly intersect with a photograph, this is still in line with the world of photography.


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Optical image stabilization (OIS)

OIS plays an important role in obtaining stable and blur-free image capture. OIS technology which means image stabilization technology uses a mechanical working system powered by a motor. As a result, the lens stabilizes the photographic process by detecting camera movement and moving the lens with a motor to counteract this. As in the video capture, the image becomes smoother and does not break when taken. Lens technology like this is widely used by Iphone smartphones and an example of an Android smartphone that uses is the Xiaomi Redmi K50 Ultra.


Electronic image stabilization (EIS)

Apparently to support image stability does not always require qualified hardware technology. Now to cover it, users can take an alternative by running a special camera software called EIS.

Electronic image stabilization (EIS) employs an image stabilization technique by analyzing the image around 2/3 of the area on the image sensor, which then uses the image at the edges to compensate for camera movement. Some android smartphones have now used it a lot, but only on cameras with a fairly high resolution such as the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro, Realme 8 and many others.

Both have their respective benefits and can be used as needed. If you think there is more about camera technology and photography lenses on Android smartphones, please share in our comments column.

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